Forecasting and Optimizing Staffing

The goal of your strategic/operational staffing plan is to make sure the exact right amount of agents show up to work every Monday morning. How to optimize the levers available to management so that this long term goal is met every week?

Bay Bridge Decision Technologies is a supplier of customer contact channel strategic and capacity planning solutions. In the decade since bringing to market the industry's first contact center capacity planning system, Bay Bridge has been driving innovation in contact channel forecasting, capacity planning, staff planning, and strategic analysis for the world's top brands.

Ric Kosiba leads the development of the company's simulation and optimization technologies. He is an expert in the field of call center management and modeling, collections and call center strategy optimization, and the optimization of large-scale operational processes.

Ric will present a webcast to discuss how to optimize the levers available to management: hiring, controllable shrinkage, overtime and undertime. In this session he'll go over:

• Seasonality of all important forecasts and the appropriate level of detail for each forecast
• Methods for developing week over week requirements accurately
• Using cool mathematical techniques to optimally hire, develop controllable shrinkage plans and to find the optimal balance between hiring and overtime/undertime
• The benefits, both financially and qualitatively, of doing all of this quickly, accurately, and optimally

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