Flooring Manufacturer To Improve Forecasting Accuracy

Mannington Mills, an American manufacturing pioneer with a nearly hundred-year history producing commercial and residential flooring, has chosen Demand Foresight software to optimize its supply chain management and forecasting capabilities.

“With the implementation of Demand Foresight software, I fully expect to improve our forecasting accuracy by 25% or more, and meet or exceed current customer expectations while reducing inventory levels,” said Curtis Martin, VP of Supply Chain Operations at Mannington Mills.

For Mannington Mills, it was essential Demand Foresight integrate easily into its existing SAP-based ERP software infrastructure, with as little administrative disruption as possible, and be easily maintained and accessed within a diverse user base.

“With users ranging from our own ERP team, to sales and marketing, to administrative staff – and with our mix of sourced and manufactured product – we need every financial planning advantage we can to optimize lead times and inventories,” said Martin.

“Unlike traditional forecasting tools that use backward-looking statistical models to analyze historical data, Demand Foresight correlates leading indicators with past activity, dramatically enhancing our ability to purchase or supply according to forecasts.”