Flood Forecasting Integrates Wastewater and Stormwater Models

Wallingford Software released a new version of FloodWorks, a real time flood forecasting and warning software solution. Significant advances are the ability to include wastewater and stormwater models and the direct integration of RADAR data.

In FloodWorks v9.0 wastewater (InfoWorks CS) and stormwater (InfoWorks SD) models can now be integrated directly into the FloodWorks forecasting system.  Outfalls from InfoWorks CS and InfoWorks SD models can be connected directly to existing InfoWorks RS models of river and floodplain areas to provide a more accurate and comprehensive representation of the runoff from urban areas and its contribution to overall flooding.

Product Manager, Tyrone Parkinson says: "InfoWorks CS and InfoWorks SD may be used in isolation of course to model urban flooding from wastewater and stormwater systems. But when integrated with FloodWorks v9.0, the benefits of these two superb modeling environments are combined with the unrivalled strengths of the FloodWorks forecasting and warning system that is proven to protect property and save lives. This is another example of the value of Wallingford Software's breadth of development capability and its vision for integrated modeling."  
Earlier releases of FloodWorks used radar data that had been pre-processed into sub-catchment rainfall time series.  The new RADAR functionality in FloodWorks v9.0 directly reads raw RADAR images and processes the data into individual sub-catchment time series using polygons defined within FloodWorks configuration manager.  Tyrone Parkinson says:

"This approach provides more flexibility to connect to a wider range of radar systems, particularly those that don't offer sub-catchment rainfall post processing. It also allows the user direct control over how the sub-catchment rainfall accumulation is performed and how the resultant rainfall time series may be merged with other rainfall sources."
A modular software package, FloodWorks is used extensively for the real-time simulation and forecasting of extreme hydrological and hydraulic conditions within river basins, drainage systems and the coastal zone. Since its launch in 2000 FloodWorks has become recognised as the most advanced real time flood forecasting application in the world with users across the world, particularly in Europe and South East Asia.

Source: http://www.wallingfordsoftware.com/news/fullarticle.asp?ft=2&id=787