F2008 helps decision makers forecast better future

Organizations need forecasts they can trust. SAS offers a path to that confidence. The company invites hundreds of colleagues and renowned experts from the world of business forecasting at F2008, SAS’ third annual Business Forecasting Conference, on June 2-3 in Cary, NC.

"F2008 provides attendees with the latest academic research and real-life application of this knowledge," said Mike Gilliland, Product Marketing Manager at SAS and F2008 planning committee member. "Last year's event attracted forecasting professionals from more than 150 business, academic, consulting and government organizations in 14 countries. This is an incredible opportunity to network with peers, technical experts and industry visionaries from around the world."

Keynote speakers include David A. Dickey, North Carolina State University; Paul Goodwin, University of Bath, UK; Kenneth B. Kahn, Purdue University; Charles Chase, SAS; Larry Lapide, MIT; and Nada Sanders, Texas Christian University. Session speakers represent a broad range of companies, including Fox Interactive Media, Intel, Maidenform, LEGO Group, Starbucks Coffee, Marriott International, John Deere and Cisco.

"F2008 is invaluable to forecasters," said Jerry Oglesby, SAS' Director of Higher Education Consulting. "Organizations are leveraging technology to improve forecast accuracy, and they still need to constantly improve on processes. The new ideas, contacts and education that they bring back from these meetings help drive forecasting improvement initiatives in the world's top companies."

Source: http://www.sas.com/news/preleases/051208/F2008.html