EURO invites papers related to forecasting

There will be a Forecasting Stream of Special Sessions at the 26th EURO-INFORMS European Conference on Operational Research, July 1-4, 2013 in Rome, Italy.

Forecasting is at the heart of decision making in Operational Research. It is the basis for planning and control activities, it drives decision making on products and services, from the strategic to the operational level, and is a critical input to finance, marketing, logistics and production, across sectors from business to government.

The Forecasting Stream of Special Sessions at the 26th EURO-INFORMS European Conference on Operational Research, July 1-4, 2013 in Rome attempts to capture the plethora of methodological approaches and application areas in a series of coherent special sessions, relevant both from an academic and a practitioner perspective.

The organization made its final call for abstracts on all aspects of Forecasting, to be presented at the upcoming EURO conference. Deadline is this Friday, March 1st 2013. You only need to submitt an abstract, not a complete paper. If you are looking for an opportunity to present your research on Forecasting to a wide audience of forecasters, Rome is the place to be.

Topics for accepted special sessions at the EURO 2013 forecasting stream include:

– Health Forecasting (Spyros Makridakis)
– Telecommunication forecasting (Mohsen Hamoudia)
– Supply Chain Forecasting (John Boylan & Zied Babai)
– Modelling and Forecasting in Power Markets (Carolina García Martos)
– Probabilistic Approach to Modeling Macroeconomic Uncertainties (Carlos Diaz Vela)
– Dating and Forecasting Turning Points (Gian Luigi Mazzi)
– Forecasting Big Data (Nikolaos Kourentzes)
– Forecasting with Neural Networks & Computational Intelligence (Sven Crone)
– Energy forecasting Juan (Trapero Arenas)

In addition, EURO invites papers related to all aspects of forecasting. For additional information on topics and submission instructions go to: