Driver-based Forecasting

Stakeholder confidence demands provable forecasts backed by insight and control of business performance and the drivers and limiters that impact it. Reliable driver-based forecasting adds shareholder value and credibility to your business proposition.

In a value-driven environment, the adoption of leading forecasting practices is critical to achieving strong management. The forecasting process should be part of an overall management framework, ultimately driven by value-based measures.

More importantly it should foster a value-centred culture that enables managers throughout the organisation to create shareholder value at every value step.

Although much has been published on leading practices in forecasting and performance management, most have been academic or theoretical and relevant only to large organisations that have the budgets to meet the high development and implementation costs.

Today, however, applications are available through Cloud applications to instil leading practices swiftly and inexpensively into any organisation without requiring capital expenditure or impacting existing IT infrastructures.