Drive for Change at Denso Marston

Denso Marston manufactures engine cooling systems for four main sectors: cars, trucks, tractors and power generation. They have around 100 customers including names such as Toyota, Honda, Caterpillar, Case New Holland, John Deere, JCB and Ferrari.

Before using Inca Planning, Denso Marston used a bespoke database for their annual sales plan and for five year sales plans, however, this was not ideal as the macros needed to run reports in Excel had been discontinued many years ago. This made the system difficult and expensive to maintain.

In 2007 Denso Marston started looking for other ways to fulfill their forecasting needs. Bill Faulding, Head of Finance at Denso Marston says Inca Planning is ‘more modern and more flexible' than their old system, which contributed to their decision to buy the product. Denso Marston has complicated reporting requirements for their parent company in Japan, and ‘mapping data into Inca Planning will give more flexibility when dealing with ever changing product numbers', Bill comments.

In the search for a more suitable forecasting system for Denso Marston Bill looked at several other advanced modelling solutions. Bill chose Inca Planning over these products; he comments, ‘it looks and feels familiar to me, having used similar modeling applications previously'. Having completed training in March 2008 which he found ‘stimulating and enjoyable', Bill looks forward to implementing Inca Planning in the near future and hopes to start using it as soon as possible. Bill sees further potential benefits from using Inca Planning in reporting accounts and contribution analysis.

Chris Kerrison, CEO of Inca Software says, ‘we look forward to working closely with Denso Marston during the implementation of Inca Planning and are confident Inca can deliver all of Denso Marston's requirements. We welcome them as a customer'.