Developing a Successful Planning and Forecasting Model

ExpressPoint Technology Services has released "Promises Fulfilled", a behind the-scenes look at the intricacies involved in developing a successful planning and forecasting system.

While many companies are forced to streamline processes due to the current economic climate, "Promises Fulfilled" explains how a service provider, with a proven track record, can help to create an efficient system that accurately anticipates your quality repair needs while saving you and your customers money. In addition, the report demonstrates how transitioning from a Repair and Return model to a contemporary, more efficient Advance Exchange repair process can eliminate unnecessary downtime and costs.

Several areas, key to successful planning and forecasting, are discussed in this new report including, how to anticipate needs, capacity planning, production scheduling and supplier relationships. "With "Promises Fulfilled" we want businesses to understand that they don't have to tackle their complex inventory systems on their own.

Partnering with a reliable service provider can ease the burdens of time, cost and excess personnel while creating the streamlined processes that every company needs in order to maintain success," explains ExpressPoint Chairman and CEO, David Anderson. "Planning and Forecasting is complex and "Promises Fulfilled" allows us to offer solutions for companies that are looking for answers during tough economic times."

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