Demand Planning and Forecasting Boot Camp

Forecasting is a key element of any supply chain or S&OP process. Getting the forecast right at least gives you the opportunity to deliver real improvements. The Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning (IBF) provides a Boot Camp.

IBF’s Forecasting Boot Camp takes place November 10 & 11, 2011 in Des Plaines, Illinois. It will help you understand your forecasting process and software from the ground up. Forecasting Boot Camp is a two-day session that offers participants a concrete, best practice view of the forecast process and will lead you through an understanding of your current forecasting software and the techniques it uses.

IBF will provide expert instruction that will both introduce forecasting newcomers to the most used tools and enhance the capabilities of long time forecasters. Key kearning’s include best practice examples in Excel format, concrete knowledge of your software’s capabilities, the ability to correctly interpret your software’s output, an understanding of the techniques used by your software.

Presenting will be Barry Keating, PH.D, the Jesse H. Jones Professor of Business Economics at the University of Notre Dame. He teaches a graduate course on business forecasting and has done extensive research in the areas of quantitative methods of forecasting. He speaks regularly on business forecasting at IBF Conferences and Tutorials.

“I think this will be a great use of money. This is my third workshop with Dr. Keating, and it gets better every year. I also continue to learn new things as I grow in my company. New things I learn here take on new meaning and become far more applicable”, said S. Grabhorn, Director of Mktg Sales/Product Forecasting at Tupperware.

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