Computers Will Predict Human Behaviour

There are already examples where computers perform basic predictions about user behaviour. According to the CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer that will extend to the next level.

Would you be prepared to trust your computer enough to let it handle your preparations for an overseas trip? That’s the scenario being predicted by Ballmer, who has predicted a future where computers not only understand what we want, but “take action on our behalf”. Ballmer called this natural language, claiming it would be a “breakthrough”.

“We ought to make it so that the search engines, and the user interface of the device can take actions on our behalf. My computer knows where I am, and what I do, my phone does. It should learn about me and propose appropriate action,” he said.

While Ballmer was short on detail, his comments delivered this week to a developer forum in Tokyo, indicate that Microsoft has its eye on handing over much more of the reigns to PCs when it comes to day-to-day tasks.

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