Collective Intelligence Conference in New York

Prediction markets are an essential plank of Enterprise 2.0 according to the Harvard Business School. Information markets, knowledge ecosystems and collective wisdom aids and elevates the fundamental reorientation of work, wealth, the environment and the overall prosperity of civil society.

Many social entrepreneurs, practitioners and solution vendors have risen to the challenge of collective intelligence. These breakthroughs make harboring intelligence and releasing collective wisdom an everyday, routine activity. Enterprise prediction markets are practical and deliver enormous cost saving and improvements every day. Pursuit of collective intelligence is a responsibility of all individuals, organizations and entire ecosystems.

Adopting and mastering the principles and techniques of collective intelligence and prediction markets is a key 2009 priority. Many of the wicked problems faced by individuals, business, the enterprise, government and society in 2009 will only be solved using collective wisdom. The Prediction Market Summit and Collective Intelligence Conference on 24 April 2009 in New York City may be one of your most important conversations of the year.