Collective Intelligence Conference and Prediction Markets Summit

The Prediction Market Clusters in collaboration with NewsFutures, Xpree, the Prediction Markets Industry Association, Mercury, Robin Hanson, and many others announces the Collective Intelligence Conference and Prediction Markets Summit 23 January 2009 in San Francisco, California USA.

New ways to share, trade and aggregate information using Internet-based markets are exploding. These powerful Web 2.0 network knowledge markets help companies, schools, governments and individuals to acquire and master ever-growing bodies of knowledge. These prediction market capabilities achieve mastery of collective wisdom with stunning speed and accuracy. These new collaborative mechanisms and social innovations are driving collective intelligence networks. They resolve questions of science, technology, management, strategy, planning and policy far better than experts or management.

"Collective IQ can save us." Douglas Engelbart, coevolution pioneer and inventor of the computer mouse. Collective intelligence inhabits the ceaseless flurry of self-correcting social exchanges, value networks and collective markets. They cover everything from politics and business plans to sports and new product features. Enormously potent, these social networks and markets generate new ideas and amass and refine knowledge and collective wisdom with blinding speed and accuracy.

Collective intelligence networks and knowledge markets are becoming commonplace in the smartest firms. Top firms using prediction markets are Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Eli Lilly, Abbott Laboratories, HP and Siemens. Major analysts firms declare them critical to Enterprise 2.0 information and knowledge management portfolios. The conference sessions are focused, practical and conversational. They are for executives, directors, mangers, users and practitioners having immediate needs to apply collective intelligence networks and market mechanisms to advance business outcomes through mastery of collective wisdom.

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