Collaborative Forecasting in the Cloud

Automatic Forecasting Systems, Inc., a pioneer in forecasting and time series technology, is announcing the launch of a Cloud Based Collaborative Forecasting Solution.

The web based tool will allow forecasters remote access through the cloud from an Internet or Intranet connection. The forecasts are queued in batch for execution using parallel processing and the forecasts can be managed through the Collaborative forecasting process.

Forecast accuracy is tracked and reported. A sand box area of the tool allows users to play with alternative modeling adjustments and overrides, if needed. Autobox accesses the data from databases like SQL server, etc. with the results posted back to the database.

“The ability for Autobox Users to have these capabilities will expand and further integrate what we do for so many companies.”, says Tom Reilly, Automatic Forecasting Systems CEO.

Autobox was launched in 1976 with a unique vision to automate the process of identifying patterns, trends and outliers in time series data. Autobox has been recognized through the years as a top performer and picked “Best Dedicated Forecasting System” in the highly regarded “Principles of Forecasting” Textbook.