Call for papers for 31st ISF

The Program Committee of the 2011 International Symposium on Forecasting invites the submission of abstracts. The conference is to be held from 26-29 June in Prague, and will be hosted by the University of Economics.

As a premier, international forecasting conference, the International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) provides the opportunity to interact with the world's leading forecasting researchers and practitioners. The attendance is large enough so that the best in the field are attracted, yet small enough that you are able to meet and discuss one-on-one.

The ISF offers a variety of networking opportunities, through keynote speaker presentations, academic sessions, workshops, meals, and social programs. In addition, representatives of leading publishing, software, and other related companies are on hand to discuss their most recent offering.

The University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic is the leading university in economics and management in the Czech Republic with almost 20,000 students (3,000 students are foreigners mostly from the European Union or post-Soviet states) in bachelor, master's and doctoral programmes.

The Program Committee invites the submission of abstracts related to the theory and practice of forecasting. Suggested themes and topics can be found on the website. Those presenting papers in regular or invited sessions may present only one paper, but may co-author on multiple papers. Deadline for submission is March 4, 2011.

Submit abstracts at