C&C Group Selects Logility Voyager Solutions

Logility Inc., a supplier of collaborative solutions for the the supply chain, announced that C&C Group, a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of branded alcoholic beverages, has selected Voyager Solutions to support its continued growth through increased demand visibility and a more formalised and collaborative forecasting process.

C&C Group's beverage brands include Bulmers Irish Cider (ROI), Magners Irish Cider, Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey and Carolans Cream Liqueur. C&C has seen significant growth in brand volumes, which resulted in forecasting challenges that led to a search for a solution that would help them predict demand more accurately and increase collaboration within the supply chain planning process.

Also, the production of Magners cider still incorporates many of the traditional production processes of 50 years ago combined with the maturation time of several months. This process creates long lead times and additional complexity within the supply chain that can be minimised through better visibility into future market demand.

"We selected Logility Voyager Solutions to help improve and formalise our demand planning processes," said Aidan Murphy, Managing Director, Supply, C&C Group. "As we continue to grow our brands' presence in the marketplace, Logility will help us increase forecast accuracy as well as customer service levels by ensuring that we have supply available at the point of customer demand."

Logility Voyager Solutions for demand planning helps manufacturers in the food and beverage industry gain long-term visibility of future market demand making it easier to align inventory with customer demand and boost customer service levels.

"C&C Group is an Irish success story, having grown its cider brands tremendously through the years while also becoming a market leader and changing the overall perception of cider in the marketplace," said Mike Edenfield, president and CEO, Logility. "We look forward to helping C&C Group build a strong and flexible supply chain that is capable of supporting their long-term growth plans."

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