Buzz on Demand Software

A big treat in attending a conference is also having the benefit of one-stop shopping when it comes to vendors in the exhibit hall. These vendors travel across the country to meet with current and potential clients and share what their software can do to help assist in their planning needs.

JDA is coming in with major company news. They are now the largest single company for supply chain planning and optimizations thanks to their recent acquisitions of competing firms Manugistics and i2 as recently as January.  With this synergy, the company now has over 6,000 companies across different industry segments using their software. 

Smart Software shared some impressive news that they have received their second National Science Foundation Research Grant (NSF).  Ten years ago they were awarded their first Small Business Innovation Research Grant from NSF to develop a technology called the Smart-Willemain method of forecasting intermittent demand, also known as slow moving demand. 

Autobox shared news of a new joint project with HP which was presented in more detail Friday. For this project, they were approached by a Principal Scientist of HP to work and develop a semi-hourly forecast model. By breaking the day into 48 discrete time periods they are able to better determine precise demand at specific times throughout the day.

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