Black Monday: Predicting Your Portfolio Risk

With Wall Street now looking more uncertain than Paris Hilton in a library, investors worldwide are wondering what Black Monday will mean for them. There’s one online tool that can help give you some perspective into how hard your portfolio could be hit.

RiskGrades lets you input your investments and then gives you a risk level for each one. Where it gets particularly interesting, though, is in the site’s simulations. You can put your entire portfolio up against anything from the Black Monday market drop of 1987 to the market effect following 9/11 to see how your current setup would fare against those kinds of events. You can also build your own custom set of circumstances to test it against. It’s all free of charge to do.

The tool is no future-reader by any means, but it may prove useful to some degree in your decision-making process. The grading service, by the way, originally came from J.P. Morgan’s internal risk advisory group. It has since spun off into its own independent operation.