Better Healthcare with Predictive Analytics

A new healthcare solution, designed in collaboration with provider organizations, identifies patients at risk of readmission before they leave the hospital, and allows for more tailored care while admitted and post discharge to assure a more successful care outcome.

Early intervention
The focus on a wellness-based healthcare economy will require a new type of technology that helps providers identify at risk patient populations for common medical conditions in order to reduce the number of their occurrences as well as to allow for early intervention.

Most hospital-based readmission efforts focus primarily on retrospective reporting that serves to audit historic outcomes and expose high-level trending information.

Scientific model
Predixion Software‘s approach to readmission management takes a prospective view. By examining the historic readmission patterns specific to each medical facility, the new system is able to create a scientifically-based model.

The model can be used to identify currently admitted patients that are at elevated risk of readmission with great precision. They have accurately predicted up to 86 percent of readmissions which would result in better patient outcomes and true ROI for the provider.

Shawn Rogers, Vice President at Enterprise Management Associates: “The application of predictive analytics consistent with best practices can be transformational in delivering higher quality outcomes at lower costs. When identifying pilot projects providers should focus on process intensive data driven opportunities.”