Autobox Reviewed by OR/MS Today

Automatic Forecasting Systems (AFS) launched in 1976 as the first-to-market Forecasting & Time Series analysis software. Autobox is AFS's flagship product, providing cutting edge forecasting for the PC desktop for 33 years.

Autobox has a complete set of forecasting features that will appeal to both novice and expert forecasters. Autobox's automatic features are unparalleled in breadth and depth of implementation. Autobox is truly the power forecasters dream tool with a palette of tools that allows the forecaster to build models that work. Read on for a summary of Autobox's features.

Autobox won the prestigious “Best Dedicated Forecasting Program” in the Principles of Forecasting textbook and now a website. AFS’s unique approach doesn’t try to shoehorn the data into a model or a limited number of models, allow Autobox to combine, history and causal's in an optimal way incorporating when needed Level Shifts, Local Time Trends, Pulses and Seasonal Pulses.

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OR/MS Today reviewed Autobox 6.0 in their latest issue. To read the article follow this link: