Autobox Launches Modeling Interval Data

Autobox has introduced an accompanying product called "Mixed Level Suite". The need to forecast interval data (ie hourly, semi-hourly) requires a unique approach to capture cyclicality and events while still trying to model the intraday variations that change during the week.

Autobox goes through a two-step process that uses the daily data and then uses that output to guide the interval modeling. The results are outstanding. This solution is for anyone with quality forecasting at a discrete level. We have satisfied customers needing this analysis for staffing, energy, etc.

All of Autobox's expert features are all included here. Autobox discovers new causal variables by gleaning patterns from historical forecast errors and outliers identified by the Autobox Engine. Many cases result in causal variables you may not have even known existed, i.e. promotions, holidays, day of the week effects and many others.