August 2009 issue of Trends

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Act Now: Forecast Pro TRAC Offers for Trends Readers

To celebrate our newest release Forecast Pro TRAC, The newest member of our Forecast Pro software family and our most comprehensive product yet, all Trends readers who license Forecast Pro TRAC prior to August 31st will receive a free 2-hour WebEx Quick Start training plus 50% off of the regular attendee fee at the upcoming Forecast Pro User Conference. In the training, you will be guided one-on-one through Forecast Pro TRAC by an expert BFS trainer at a time you schedule, allowing you to get up to speed with TRAC quickly and efficiently.

In addition we are offering limited-time specials on TRAC licenses. Click here to learn more.

You Can Forecast New Products

Knowing that on average new product forecast accuracy hovers at only 50%, many forecasters shy away from putting significant effort into forecasting new products. In this article, Professor Ken Kahn of Virginia Commonwealth University explains that these challenges can be overcome by deploying a systematic approach that addresses the issues specific to new product forecasting.

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Forecast Accuracy: Trends 30-Second Survey

Over the past few years, Trends has conducted a series of surveys designed to investigate important topics for forecasters. In this issue, we re-run the results of the Trends 30-Second Survey on forecast accuracy, reporting on how forecast accuracy goals are set and which metrics are used for tracking accuracy. Downloadable slides, including a listing of additional resources, are also provided.

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