Announcing The BFD (the book)

I am pleased to announce publication of The Business Forecasting Deal: Exposing Myths, Eliminating Bad Practices, Providing Practical Solutions, available now in a convenient carry-everywhere siz… e (approx 6” x 9” x 1”), or for download to your Kindle. Table of contents, sample sections (including the Prologue, Forewords by Tom Wallace and Anne Robinson), and reviews, are available online at the SAS Bookstore or on .

We celebrated the release this week with book signings at the F2010 Business Forecasting Conference at SAS world headquarters in Cary, NC (YouTube video here), and a private after-party (video content deemed unsuitable for YouTube). I was honored to receive a diamond encrusted “BFD” chalise, created by my multi-tasking marketing mother hen Tammi Kay George (who could challenge Martha Stewart in a glue-gun fight when she isn't battling it out at roller derby).

(Cover illustration by Jessica Crews)

For more information on The BFD (the book), Shelly Goodin has recorded a podcast interview. (You can also find Shelly’s interviews of other authors in the Wiley & SAS Business Series, including my colleagues Charlie Chase, Gary Cokins, Jonathan Hornby, Clark Abrahams and Sunny Zhang, and futurist Thornton May at The Cover Story.)

What’s next, The BFD (the movie)??? Stay tuned…