7 Reasons Why CRM Systems Forecast Wrong

How accurate are your sales forecasts? According to the latest research from CSO Insights, less than 50% of deals close as originally forecasted. A significant number never close at all. Think about it – the average sales forecast is no more accurate than tossing a coin.

Maybe perfect forecasting is an impossible goal – but it’s certainly possible to consistently get a great deal closer, as many best-in-class organisations have shown. Here are 7 reasons why your CRM system might not be helping:

1. Using the out-of-the box forecast percentages

2. Relying on sales activity, rather than buyer behaviour, to define pipeline stages

3. Not knowing how often deals close from the current stage

4. Not knowing how long it takes deals to close from the current stage

5. Not being aware of deal velocity

6. Not having evidence that the prospect must do something

7. Not having evidence that you are likely to win

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